Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How to send mail to Multiple recipient

Bulk Mailer Pro is widely used software to send bulk mails on large number of ids in a single operation. The main aim to build this tool is to make bulk email sending process fast and easy. For this we can use free emails accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Hotmail,Lycos & others.User can add recipient one by one or directly by importing recipient list from Excel (.xls), Text (.txt) or by CSV (.csv) file. We can create groups to send mails. It helps us to send group emails to a particular group of people. To send Group Emails, user needs to maintain a list of email IDs of all members of a group in a excel sheet from which IDs can be readily imported to send Group email. The best part of this bulk mailing software is its personalized email option. With the help of this option we can compose and send personalized Email means different Email to Every recipient id imported from file.  This tool has option of backup and restore. It is a unique feature which makes this tool more valuable. By clicking on backup button we can take backup of our data on a particular location. Similarly by restore button we can restore backup file. This feature is very useful to save lost of data. It has email layout templates option by which we can select an email template for our email message. We can also edit in email templates before sending emails. After sending process finished, it generates a log file which has all the details about sent and failed emails. 

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