Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Earn Money by joining affiliate marketing of lantech

Hey, do you want to earn money by a simple and legal way?

So if you want to earn from your desktop I can tell you the fastest and simplest way to earn money. Join Lantech’s network-based affiliate marketing. Yes, by this You can Get Commission up-to 50%which is a great amount. The people who have joined are already earning thousands every day and filling their bank accounts. So here is an amazing chance for you to make money from affiliate marketing program of Lantechsoft. Join our affiliate program increase your income up to two-fold every month. The offer is valid for all the websites holders and all who can promote our products via any online source.


Lantech soft, the software producer is organizing an affiliate program so that the sales of its products increase. The sales of Lantech have been high in past but to further increase the sales the affiliate program has been launched by the company. To get the trust of people joining the affiliate program the company is organizing its affiliate program through a third party Avangate. Lantech deals with software solutions like Web Email Extractor Professional, Advance Word Find & Replace Pro, Phone and Email Extractor Files, Advance WebPhone and Email Extractor, Bulk SMS Sender, Email Extractor Files, Kruti to Mangal Converter, Web Data Extractor and many other types of software.

The most amazing part of the program is that your commission will be 50%  per product sale and can be Increased If You Sell More, you will get it in your Avangate account.  

The only thing you have to do is

  •  Sign in with Avangate as an affiliate and choose our software, tools smartly and show it on your website. 

  • After you have successfully signed up to become an Avangate affiliate that you can do easily and your application has been approved for the program, you can log into the Affiliates Control Panel and decide which software products you want to promote. 
  • In order to send requests then we will activate you as an affiliate. 
  • Immediately after you have been activated as an affiliate by us, you can start adding product links on your website, as much as you want. 
  • Links are automatically generated when you choose a product with your embedded affiliate ID and all you need to do is select the product and copy-paste its link and show it in a smart manner in your site or page. 
  • When a visitor accesses a link or a banner from your website, Avangate keeps the track of your Affiliate ID, for up to 180 days, so if a visitor places an order of any product within this time period through your website, or even directly from the vendor's web page, you get your commission which is from 25- 50%that is the speciality of our affiliate program.

The Affiliate commission scheme is 25-50%that you can take from avangate whenever you want. Affiliate Commissions are paid on net product price, after discount and not including Backup CD or DIS (Download Insurance Service) as per avangate terms and conditions. 

Visitors and sales are also automatically tracked by placing a cookie in the customer's browser therefore If the customer decides to purchase the product even after when it is not directly directed from your website within 30 to 180 days (according to vendor preferences), your account will be credited with the affiliate commission, even if he/she makes the purchase directly from the vendor site.

Lantechsoft affiliate program is very beneficial for all the technical website holders as they can suggest the software and thus sale software. Lantech soft affiliate program is the best affiliate program as it offers very high commission.

So if you have to make money online then this affiliate program is a tailor-made only for you. As the products of Lantech soft are already liked by the users a lot, advertisement on your site will help you gain a lot of money. The commission is also huge so that you cannot ignore this offer. So don’t wait anymore and join Avangate network-based affiliate marketing

                            Join Our Affiliate Marketing To Earn Money 


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